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      Tourism is a social and economic phenomenon in a permanent expansion, generated by the human need for knowledge, recreation and physical and psychological recovery of a civilization living in stressful conditions, but with greater income for the majority of the population.

      In 2010, in the world were registered over 940 million tourists, the income generated by tourism worldwide is about 950 billion dollars.

      For the development of many national economies, tourism represents an important strategic option due to its positive economic, social and cultural effects. As a response to the preoccupation of the contemporary civilization, tourism evolves under its impact, its dynamics joining the general development process. For many countries in the world, tourism has become one of the most important, prosperous and profitable branches of the economy. Romania has important resources for tourist attraction.
Our project is necessary and is justified by the fact that, at the present time, in the South East Development Region, the touristic potential is not presented in a systematic modern and easy to access manner. Consequently it is necessary to know the current status of the heritage tourism objectives. Promoting tourism and providing useful information about tourism has a significant importance on the development of the sector. Within this project, the tourism promotion and information will be accomplished by the National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion, through its website and its interactive application for smartphones, but also through brochures promoting important tourism attractions.

      The project also responds to the need for structuring the information about these touristic products and their presentation in an attractive form, that is, through the creation and distribution of illustrated promotional products, to serve the interest of tourism consumers, but also in digital form for a wider dissemination of information.

      The purpose of this project is to spread the local and regional culture and the historical heritage values locally and nationally. It responds to the needs of knowledge of historical and cultural traditions and to make the most of their diversity, as regards the historical regions of Romania.

      The added value of the project is that it will provide in addition to the mandatory components to implement a National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion and interactive application for smartphones that will offer useful information to the tourists the moment they visit certain attractions.