Regio UE GR MDRAP focsani fonduri-ue

Project objective

      Tourism offers economic actors ' and socio-cultural environment, opportunities for regional and local economic growth. By harnessing the natural and cultural heritage, as a result of these opportunities, new jobs are created. Cultural tourism can offer the chance of a wide range of goods and services purchased by tourists and travel companies.

      The overall objective of the project is the creation of the National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion (CNIPT) in the city of Focsani in order to increase the number of tourists and the promotion of local tourism. The overall objective of this project is to increase the number of tourists visiting the locality/region, as a result of improving the visibility of the region and the accessibility of a greater number of visitors to modern information tools and promotion carried out within the project, such as: modern information center, hiring and training of specialized personnel in providing tourist information services, presentation of specific promotion materials (maps , leaflets, CDs, etc.), and creation of innovative computer programs. Increasing the number of tourists will contribute directly to the multiplication and diversification of direct and related services offered in the region (travel agents, agrotouristic pensions, constructions, transportation, accommodation, public food service, trade, financial services, tour guides, translation and interpretation services, fast-moving consumer goods, handicrafts, museum tickets, etc.) with immediate effect upon the setting up of new businesses, new jobs and upon the income of the employees in related sectors and thus the overall quality of life of the inhabitants of the area will significantly increase.

      Specific objectives:

  1. Equipping the National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion, in order to meet the requirements of a modern information Centre.
  2. Creating a website and a tourism database.
  3. Creating an interactive smartphone application, which will allow for rapid dissemination of information on various tourist sights and will facilitate helpful information on accommodation and meals possibilities, on means of transportation etc.


      The Information Centre and Tourism Promotion carried out within the project will represent a real support and an important reference point for all tourists arriving in Vrancea County. The specific activities will contribute to reaching the specific objectives related to equipping the Center with equipment, facilities and promotional materials, (including a WEBPAGE), as well as hiring two persons within the scope of this objective.

      Assessment of the potential tourism of Vrancea County, potential recognized both home and abroad, will be achieved by creating and using the center. Except for a few private souvenir gift shops and a few maps and brochures that can be purchased from the libraries existing in some cities, tourists have no other possibility to know, identify and localize the tourist attractions which the County has to offer to the visitors. The Information Center of our municipality will be equipped with a multimedia room, where tourists will be able to consult and receive free guides, maps and brochures, will be able to access the Internet through the Infopoint existing at the entrance or they will be able to watch information films made within the project. Tourists and visitors of the Centre will be able as well to purchase authentic traditional products, created by local craftsmen and artisans, presented on a small exhibition stand, so one can take home a little piece of the charm and novelty of these places.

      The Tourist Information Center (TIC), by offering information services, both by the employed professional staff and by the quality and variety of the materials available for everyone, we believe that we will contribute, within a medium-term and a long-term, to the promotion of Romania's image domestically and internationally.

      TIC Focşani will integrate in the national network of the NCIT by providing tourist information of general and local interest by accessing the Webpage created to this purpose, including the promotion of local events, hotels and guesthouses in the area, of artisan shops, travel agencies and other businesses involved in tourism and related services. The objectives of the project significantly contribute to the achievement of the specific objectives of the priority axis and will lead to the development of a National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion in Focsani.